Q. Where do I park?

A. Free parking is available along the train tracks on Hickory Street or click here for more options.

Q. Are kids allowed at sip?

A. sip is a 21 and older establishment. We do offer family days in which adults and kids can dine at sip. Also when booking a private room for an event (shower, baptism, etc.. ) kids will be allowed during your party but are not allowed in gaming room. 

Q. Do you have beverages other than just wine?

A. Yes we offer about 70 different beers, ciders, canned cocktails, soft drinks, non alchol beers & wines.
Q. Are we allowed to bring outside food?
A. No outside food is allowed unless it is a store bought celebration cake with prior permission from sip wine bar.
Q. Do I have to give my credit card if I'm paying with cash?
A. We will void the hold on your credit card when your order is closed and tender it with cash.
Q. How much is a wine pour in the self serve machines?
A. The 1,3, and 5oz pours are priced accordingly, depending on the price of the bottle.
Q. How do I use my points?
A. They can be used for free broken corks or the veggie hummus tray for your first redemption and dollar amounts after that as your points accumulate.
Q. Is gratuity included?
A. Tips are appreciated and shared among our staff that maintain the wines in the machines and serve you.
Q. Are dogs allowed outside?
A. They are allowed on the front patio only during spring, summer & fall.
Q. Can I book a private party or event at sip wine bar?
Q. How much is the wine bar? Do customers pay per drink or for a certain amount of drinks?
A. The wine tastes are in self serve machines. Each wine carries a different price depending on the pour size and type of wine. 
Q. How do I sign up for your loyalty program?


Q. Do you offer food along with the wine bar?
A. Sip offers a full food menu, catering menu, brunch and other special occasion menus. The kitchen is open till one hour before regular store hours close.


Q. I have a allergy or dietary restriction, do you offer food options for me?