Pure and lively Graves Blanc has aromas of peach, melon, wet stone, fresh cut grass and citrus. Flavors of grapefruit, green apple, créme frâische and lychee. Good structure and acidity provides balance and complexity.
Enjoy refreshing flavors and aromas of crisp, juicy apples and delicious, creamy caramel in this light, sweet wine. The base wine for Caramel Apple is made from fresh apples and natural caramel flavor is added after fermentation.
Its aroma has green apple, peach, lemon and wildflowers hints. Its palette tastes are lime, mango, lemon, pear, nectarine with a medium body. The finish is refreshing, crisp and smooth.
This charming, easy-drinking Moscato offers flavors of peach, apricot, lychee and orange blossom. A lively jolt of acidity keeps it fresh and fruity. Fancy enough for a special occasion toast, yet sweet-natured enough to enjoy every day, this bright and cheerful white wine is sure to capture your heart.
A soft floral notes with some zesty acidity to offset the lovely semi-sweet taste
The perfect match to the Cagnina, sweet but no sticky with pleasing ripe fruit, aromas and flavors.
Aromas of pineapple, litchi, and guava. Maintains a fruity palate and fresh finish. The addition of Viognier and Roussanne adds complexity with each component contributing its distinctive characteristics to the blend, bringing out hints of pear, melon, and granadilla.
Luscious and mouth-coating with generous passion fruit and lychee notes, and bears the classic Sauvignon Blanc notes of lime and grass.
The nose has intense notes of flowers and fruits, such as jasmine and orange blossom, fresh white peaches, and melon. Bright and sweet
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